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Choose Your Course

  • Free Yourself from Fights and Arguments

    70% OFF! Stop doing this one thing and transform conflict in your life.
    Valid for 10 years
  • 2 Courses: Free Yourself + Mindfulness

    70% OFF! The one thing to stop PLUS Mindfulness tools especially for couple/family conflict
    Valid for 10 years
  • Live Well even with Long-Term Conflict

    50% OFF! Three things to do in order to thrive, no matter what
    Valid for 10 years
  • 2 Courses: Radical Listening + Live Well

    50% OFF! Healing long-term unresolved conflict. Includes "Live Well with Long Term Conflict"
    Valid for 10 years
  • Calm in Conflict Complete TOOLKIT

    Get all the the mini courses plus important extras
    Valid for 10 years

Digital products such as courses and trainings are non-refundable. Once you purchase a digital product, you have instant access to the product, and it cannot be returned. As such, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.

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