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Be Calm In Conflict starting today

Go into your weekend, holiday, or any old day, knowing that it’s going to be just fine.

You can stay connected to yourself, your values, and your plan for the day, and live the life you choose, no matter how the other person behaves.


Mini Courses

 From $29

There's ONE THING that we ALL do that just makes conflict worse, and triggers you to act in ways that you later feel terrible about. Learn how to stop doing it - what it is, why you’re driven to do it, and what to do instead.


Calm In Conflict Complete TOOLKIT


The full DIY version with all the tools listed above, all the mini courses and extras. Learn how to hold onto yourself and choose your response during fights and arguments. Start being Calm In Conflict today!

Complete Toolkit

Calm In Conflict LIVE Group


You get everything in the TOOLKIT and we’ll meet online for six weekly group sessions to explore Calm In Conflict tools. Each session includes live instruction, practice breakouts and new materials.

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Calm In Conflict MENTORING


Do the TOOLKIT and meet with me for four 30-minute online sessions where we’ll apply the tools to your situation and your abilities. You’ll tell me what’s working and what isn’t and we’ll figure it out together.

This program comes with a six-week workbook to help you integrate the tools and an online process that will help you get the most out of our meetings.

Individual Therapy Sessions


One-hour Zoom session

Don’t like the digital route? Work with me one on one. Meet me first - book a free introductory chat.



  • Calm in Conflict courses are not therapy and not a replacement for therapy. 

  • These tools are not intended for physically abusive relationships or relationships with extensive emotional abuse. If this is your situation, please seek a local professional. 

Online courses with as much support as you need.

  • Learn mindfulness techniques created specifically for fights and arguments

  • Get practical tools: respond to heated arguments with intention and integrity

  • You can start using tools after just 20 minutes of learning

  • Listen anywhere, anytime - each module is just 10 minutes

  • For any relationship: marriage, parenting, differently-abled child, family, work

All digital courses include this Toolkit*:

  • Twenty easily digestible short videos. Listen anywhere, anytime

  • Cheat sheets to stash in your purse or pocket - tools literally at your fingertips

  • Interactive modules help you retain what you've learned

  • Mindfulness exercises that you can use to be calm during triggering conflict

  • Immediate access to course materials and it's yours for life

* Mini courses include only some elements

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will I access the course?
    The course is housed on a well-structured course platform. Each module is there with a video and any related pdfs and documents.
  • Do I get all the materials at once and keep them all forever?
    Yes. All digital materials are delivered immediately upon payment and they’re yours for life. Do the course at your own pace. Do it as many times as you like. Of course, live sessions - individual or group - are scheduled and only happen once. The teaching portion of the group meetings will be recorded and available to participants of this program.
  • What kind of relationships is this for?
    All kinds. You may want to hold onto your calm in your relationship with your life partner, your child, or another close relative. Or maybe you have recurrent conflicts with your boss or a close friend. Anyone who’s important to you and who you have conflict with in a way that disrupts your life.
  • I've never practiced mindfulness before. Will I be able to use the tools?
    Yes. The tools I teach are simple and doable even with no background in mindfulness. Each course also includes an intro to mindfulness so you’ll get the basics.
  • How will these tools affect my relationship and my life?
    These tools will change your high-conflict relationship. When you handle it differently and think during conflict, everything will go better. The question is whether this work will change the other person’s behavior. Over time, I’ve seen this happen. But it’s impossible to know. No matter what, practicing Calm In Conflict will make your life better. Not only will conflict stop throwing you off, you’ll also be more able to bring up difficult issues, because you’ll know how to handle conflict if it happens. You’ll also refine your mindfulness skills. Practicing mindfulness during conflict increases your ability to do it everywhere else.
  • What if the tools don't work or I can't do them?
    If you do them, they’ll work. It’s a practice that changes your response. So all you have to do is use these tools during conflict even just a little, and they’ll help you. What if you can’t do them during conflict? That happens frequently. Since we’re so triggered during fights and arguments, you can come out of conflict going “oh no, I didn’t do it!”. I’ve got you covered. There’s a whole module in the course that’s exactly about what to do after the fight and before the next one if you didn’t manage to use the tools the way you wanted to.
  • I don't have the time to learn and do this.
    You’ll be surprised. Listen or watch just twenty minutes of the course and you’ll be able to start using the tools. Using them just a little can make a significant difference in your life. This work will save you so much time that gets wasted during and after conflict. My clients and participants report that fights and arguments end sooner. And even more importantly, they’re able to get back to whatever they had planned much quicker and with their mindset intact.
  • How can I change the situation when they're the ones who start conflict and keep it going?
    I’m not going to tell you that it takes two. A wise therapist once said - sometimes it’s just one person who makes everything terrible. But no matter how they’re acting - assuming that we’re not talking about physical or intense emotional abuse - you can change how it affects you. One of the things that can keep you stuck in fights and arguments is thinking that you can’t do anything about it because it’s all their fault. That may be true. It may be entirely their fault. But that doesn’t mean you’re helpless. What works is to say: what can I accomplish here? And what you can accomplish is holding onto your own state of mind, your own behavior, and how conflict affects the rest of your life and your day.
  • There are issues we've been fighting about for years. How could anything help?
    Many of my clients and participants have lived with long-term conflict. Often, it’s the same arguments that come up over and over and have been unresolved for years, no matter what they’ve tried. Issues like extreme differences in parenting approaches or financial stress. Or they’re living with someone who is consistently demanding and critical. My favorite part of the course is the module on Long Term Unresolved Conflict. I’ve seen it heal relationships that you’d never imagine could be healed. In this module, you’ll learn three processes that will help you stop being held hostage by the other person’s critical or demanding behavior, even if you never resolve the main issues of conflict. You’ll be able to take back your power, regardless of their opinions and their behavior. You’ll also learn how to use Radical Listening. This is where relationship transformation comes in. Yes, it takes time. And no, it doesn’t always create the relationship you’ve been dreaming of. But using these tools will make your life better.
  • I don't agree that I have to respond well to someone who's misbehaving. Why should I do this?
    You’re right. You don’t have to. It’s a choice. Learn the tools so that you have the option of choosing your response. You may choose to let it rip. That’s fine. Or you may find that that makes things worse for you and that you’d rather do something else. It’s up to you.

Hold onto your calm during heated conflict. I’m here to guide you each step of the way.

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