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Keep Your Calm When Others Don't

Fights and arguments with people you love can make your life a constant struggle.


Calm In Conflict online courses will teach you practical tools to help you choose your response,  create peaceful, fulfilling relationships, and improve your entire life.

Margo Helman MSW

Peace in High-Conflict Relationships

Calmly stand your ground in fights and arguments with that person you love. Online courses with simple doable tools.

Online Course Conflict Management


Don't Let Their Bad Mood Ruin Your Day

Let me be your guide! We’ll start with what not to do during conflict. (It's a natural response that makes conflict worse.)

You'll learn how to  soothe yourself, ease the space between the two of you, and stand your ground - with as much fierceness or love as you choose. 

Together we’ll turn moments of conflict into a powerful training ground for courage and presence of mind.

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Hi there! I’m Margo.

Clinical Social Worker and your Calm In Conflict guru

I adore mindfulness. It’s given me happiness and peace of mind. As a therapist, it's one of my favorite tools, helping my clients to create loving relationships and fulfilling lives.

But you know what?

I noticed that my mindfulness could disappear if I felt misunderstood or triggered during fights and arguments.

So I crafted a mindfulness practice specifically for heated conflict with the people I love. These tools have changed my life and I want you to have them too.

Conflict Management Therapist


“I can calmly stand up for myself and for my kids.”



Watch this FREE video training and stop making these widespread mistakes that just make family and couple conflict worse.
Conflict Management Digital Course

Calm In Conflict Blog

All the steps to be calm during and after conflict, including how it works and what to do. 

Hold onto your calm during heated conflict. I’m here to guide you each step of the way.


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